Trinity Hills – February 2016

Trinity Hills – February 2016

February 17th, 2016


Trinity understands how much Calgarians treasure the walking and biking paths within the privately-owned lands on  East Paskapoo Slopes and has proposed dedicating two-thirds of their property to Calgarians.

“We will preserve the existing pathways on the upper slopes and will build new local and regional trails as well as cycle lanes within the Trinity Hills community. Through this exercise we will retain the same kilometers of trails that exist today”, says Trinity Vice-President Brad Caco, adding that the pathways will be better integrated to Calgary’s large park system.

“It’s important to stress that the  Paskapoo Slopes will be saved as part of this development, including all of the highest quality land,” Caco says, adding that all forested areas and creeks will be preserved within the park. The highest quality parkland on the upper slopes will be protected as park while the area along the Trans Canada Highway will be developed into a complete neighbourhood where residents can walk or cycle to work, to shop or eat at local restaurants.

Trinity will develop the bottom one-third of the land that runs along the flatter, unforested area adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway. The vision is to create a complete neighbourhood including a residential area and town centre that will provide everyday services and amenities.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure the City of Calgary and Calgarians benefit from our purchase of these important lands. We’re providing a large dedication to preserve the Paskapoo slopes as parkland, while still contributing economically and providing jobs for Calgarians, “Caco says, adding the developed area will give the City an annual $10 million in increased municipal taxes and about 2,000 jobs will be created.


Source: Article from June 2015 Newsletter