Commercial Leasing Opportunities

Whether you are leasing retail space or office space, location and accessibility are critically important factors.

Commercial Real Estate Development Locations

Very often, our commercial real estate developments are destination venues that act as magnets attracting consumers. We take care to ensure that our developments are located close to major public transit and/or transportation corridors to ensure easy accessibility for employees and shoppers alike. And we typically locate in or near high density, affluent urban/suburban neighbourhoods so our retail tenants can be confident of a steady stream of local customers.

Anchor Tenants

Our properties also consistently feature large necessity-based Grocer/Pharmacy outlets as anchor tenants. These core tenants enable employees to run errands and shop for essentials without disrupting their workday, while also generating the consistent traffic other retail tenants depend upon.

It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship as retail tenants enjoy the steady dependable flow of customers, while employees and shoppers appreciate the concentration of first-class dining, shopping and entertainment experiences in one place.

Lastly, you want the stability and certainty that comes from establishing a relationship with a proven and reliable property manager with industry-leading expertise. Clearly, Trinity is the place to be.