Trinity Group

Our passion is creating dynamic urban communities that are full of life and energy

In 1992, our Founder John Ruddy set out to create his vision of the urban experience and, in the process, become the leading developer of retail space in Canada. And he wanted his company to be about more than just size and numbers.

He saw a world where retail developments were about more than just shopping. He truly wanted to create communities that were brimming with activity and vitality. Enriching, connected urban environments where people flourish, businesses prosper and communities grow.

To date, we’ve developed over 32 million square feet of inspired and dynamic retail, commercial and residential space, representing the finest examples of innovative and progressive mixed-use development in Canada.

And we’re just getting started. Our experienced and forward-thinking team is fully committed to John’s original vision. Every day, we push the envelope in our mission to re-imagine what a retail development can be. It’s what makes us a leading developer of retail space in the country.

It’s what makes Trinity “The Place To Be”.