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Trinity Real Estate Developers: From Vision to Reality

We started out in 1992 with the intent of being a leading developer in the retail space. 3 decades and 32 million square feet later, our portfolio represents the finest examples of mixed-use land development you’ll find anywhere.

We’re active in 3 distinct industry segments: Urban Mixed-Use Centres, Community Centres and Large Format Centres. In each, we work to create spaces that allow tenants to thrive.

Trinity’s Development and Design team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing large scale Mixed-Use Developments that foster communities where people live, work, shop and play. We work and collaborate with various stakeholders to design and develop industry leading developments across Canada.

Trinity’s Leasing team works to attract and curate a first class retail mix across our portfolio. Utilizing a vast network of national and local relationships across the industry, the leasing team works with our retail and office partners to ensure their needs are met. The leasing team drives value to our assets and maintains strong occupancy rates by utilizing our extensive knowledge of markets across Canada.

As an investment partner, our record of success is indisputable. As one of Canada’s foremost developers of retail and mixed use space, Trinity Group has over 30 years of experience, start-to-finish expertise and a rock-solid core strategy. If year-over-year lease renewal rate increases and consistently high Investor Returns interest you, then Trinity is the place to be.

Helping tenants realize full profit potential requires managers with a deep understanding of our projects. Our Property Management team is closely involved in each new project, from the construction stage through to the successful opening of our tenant stores. By applying proactive management strategies and immediate access to all key departments, we are able to efficiently resolve obstacles as they arise.

Our Construction Department is dedicated to the timely and cost-effective delivery of projects, a commitment we uphold with pride. Our achievements stem from our extensive experience, comprehensive understanding of the start-to-finish process, and a network of trusted partners. Currently, we are managing the construction or expansion of projects totaling 11.2 million square feet.


9 New Projects Under Development

35 + Million Square Feet

30 + Years of Experience