Premium retailers flock to trinity developments because of the constant traffic they generate

At Trinity Developments we understand that pedestrian traffic is the life blood of any Retail development.

We take care to ensure that our developments are located close to major public transit and/or transportation corridors to ensure easy accessibility. And we typically locate in or near high density, affluent urban/suburban neighbourhoods so our retail tenants can be confident of a steady stream of customers.

Our properties consistently feature large necessity-based Grocer/Pharmacy outlets as anchor tenants. These core tenants not only provide long-term stability, they also generate the consistent traffic that other, smaller tenants depend upon.

And our Urban Mixed-Use Centres are very often the heart of a vibrant downtown core, and act as magnets drawing consumers from a much broader area. That, along with the residential and office tenants living and/or working in the Centres, ensure a constant flow of customers through the doors.